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What is Bio-Ceramic?
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Bio-Ceramic material, which is added to the interior nylon/lycra lining of our Delfin Shorts, is a key component to the effectiveness of the shorts.  It is important to understand Far Infrared Rays (FIR) to best appreciate the value of bio-ceramic material.  

Far-Infrared Rays

Far Infrared Rays (FIR) are part of the light spectrum invisible to the naked eye. 

  • “Far” refers to the length of the light wave and is longer than Near and Mid Infrared waves.
  • Infrared means the light wave contains heat.   

The human body generates Far Infrared Rays through the natural process of metabolism and in the form of "heat waves".  These FIR play an important role in bio-ceramic as described below.

Bio-Ceramic Origins

The predecessor of bio-ceramics is traditional ceramic materials, a heat reflective material used for many purposes.  A great example is ceramic material used in the U.S. Space Shuttles’ exteriors.    The Shuttle “Columbia, where the maximum surface temperature runs between 700 and 1,200 degrees Fahrenheit,. . . (has) tiles which have a white ceramic coating that reflects solar radiation while in space, keeping the Columbia cool.” (U.S. Centenial Flight Commission). 

Scientists began researching ceramics and FIR for application to the human body.  Their goal was ceramics that could generate FIR at lower temperatures and at the correct wavelength to align with FIR generated naturally by one’s body.  The result is Bio-Ceramics (also called Biochemistry Ceramics). 

Bio-Ceramic Material

Bio-ceramic material is produced by combining various mineral oxides such as Silica, Aluminum, Magnesium, and 20+ types of ceramics.  These ingredients are heated at high temperatures (2900 F/1600C) and the result is called bio-ceramic material. 

Bio-Ceramic Characteristics

The important characteristics relevant to Delfin Spa Shorts are:

  • Bio-Ceramic reflects Far Infrared Rays
  • Bio-Ceramic generates Far Infrared Rays at low
  • Bio-Ceramic is a harmless to humans and human tissue


Benefits Of Bio-Ceramic in Delfin Spa Shorts

The value of bio-ceramic is that it reflects the body’s own naturally generated Far Infrared Rays (in the form of body heat) and generates FIR to provide a thermal benefit to areas under the shorts.  When Delfin Spa shorts are worn in conjunction with Delfin Spa Anti-Cellulite cream, penetration of the cream into subcutaneous layers of the skin significantly improves.  Thorough cream penetration improves the efficacy of the cream to help better reduce the appearance of cellulite.

Because of the characteristics of bio-ceramic, the shorts can be made less bulky than traditional, thick neoprene shorts, with greater effectiveness.  Therefore, Delfin Spa shorts are comfortable to wear and can be worn under typical everyday clothes. 

The thermal characteristics of the shorts enable them to assist in reducing fluid (water) and toxin accumulation.  The infrared heat also helps micro-circulation to ‘flush’ these impurities. 


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