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delfin spa bio energy shorts and capris for women
Delfin Spa’s Cellulite Reduction System is an effective and convenient means to reduce the appearance of visible cellulite.  The system comprises Bio-Ceramic lined neoprene shorts and specially formulated Anti-Cellulite cream.  Delfin Spa’s Anti-cellulite cream utilizes a combination of natural plant extracts to lessen cellulite, improve micro circulation and assists in reduction of retained liquid. 

Delfin Spa’s Bio-Ceramic Shorts and Capris act as a thermal agent to improve the penetration and efficacy of the Anti-Cellulite cream.  They are comfortable to wear and thin enough to wear under clothing while going about your daily activities.  The bio-ceramic material is the key to Delfin Spa shorts not being bulky as it reflects your body heat back into you.

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